NRI C2 Airport


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The airport telemetry system is the unique alert and audit solution integrated in the currenza c² airport coin changer. In conjunction with the most innovative c² coin changer on the market, the c² airport provides real-time text or SMS messages alerting you immediately if anything is wrong with your machine such as the “door is open” or “cooling unit failure”. This advanced solution can also provide remote digital data transmission of your vending machine’s audit data such as an “exact change situation” so you can execute service immediately and avoid costly machine downtime. This system makes it easy to bring your vending machines online and up-to-date with today’s technology.

Key Advantages:

  • Prompt text message or email alerts increase machine uptime
  • Cost effective: No fixed costs, free of charge back office software
  • Integrated alert system facilitates coin changer installation
  • Remote price updates reduces on-site work

New text message from changer: NRI coin changer ‘currenza c² airport’
featuring integrated ‘alarm’ text messaging with no monthly or software costs


The currenza c² airport system is the unique alarm and audit solution inside the c² coin
changer providing alarm text messages and additionally digital remote data
transmission of vending machine audit data.

Telemetry is too difficult

We disprove this statement by integrating the telemetry module
into the c² coin changer so no external units or server connection is required, making it a plug
& play solution. Due to its compatibility with all machine protocols it is perfect for retrofitting
the coin changer on exiting machines. Additionally we suggest using the system as an
‘alarm’ system instead of reading out a full audit trail from the machine several times a day.
During our field trials we learned that the operators have no time to sit many hours each day
analysing the complex audit data. He is rather interested if his machines are running
flawlessly – by using the alarm function he is informed immediately of incorrect machine
status. Nevertheless, additional audit data in standard EVA-DTS format can be also read out
via Airport to the back office using the currenza airbox GSM module.

No fixed monthly costs

Free of charge airport software:
NRI does not charge any monthly fee for the c² airport solution.
Additionally when using pre-paid SIM cards only the alarm text message or the optional remote audit readout incur any cost.
This is in contrast to many telemetry solution which charge costs per machine per month which is not economical
for many operators considering the size of their operation. The cost efficient airport package
is completed by the free of charge NRI “Audit Manager” 
The software offers online coin changer configuration and the SMS alarm management such as set up and message content for text messages. When reading out EVA-DTS data from the c² airport the audit data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

SMS alarm function:

The SMS alarm system offers real time monitoring by immediately
sending an SMS to your mobile phone(s) and/ or to the back office if a service action is
needed for a vending machine. These events include: door is open, cooling unit failed, certain
turnover reached or exact change situations and much more. Furthermore the c² airport can be
equipped with an additional battery for ‘machine power off’ detection – providing the power
to send the appropriate SMS alarm. Consequently the service technician can react quickly
reducing machine downtimes considerably - the impact of an out of service machine can cost the operator dearly  so the ROI of the airport is extremely quick.
Last but not least, it will increase customer & end user satisfaction as the vending machine uptime is maximised.
“We concentrated our efforts on developing an easy to use and install Plug & Play alarm
system with functions that operators really need; like the text message alarm function.
The costs only incur when receiving alarm messages as the operator can decide when to take a full
audit readout from their machines.
This makes the system an extremely cost efficient

pdficon small  Airport Brochure

      Airport Technical Manual is available on request as well as Audit Manager Manual