Cyclone Hopper



Like our other hoppers, the Cyclone handles 95% of the world's coins, but does this within a much smaller package.
It is ideal for applications where lower coin capacities are required, including the latest multi-pay gaming machines.
The Cyclone comes with all the other attributes of Money Controls hoppers including security, speed and reliability.


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  • Developed specifically for gaming applications
  • Wide range of sizes and capacities to suit all machines
  • Standard square bowl and base (available with one or two extensions)
  • Extended Bowl
  • Mid Capacity (available with or without carrying handle)
  • High Capacity (available with or without carrying handle)
  • Excellent fraud discrimination
  • Highest levels of performance and security
  • Truly Global design
  • Accepts 95% of world coin sets
  • Reduces lead times, stockholding and costs
  • Choice of interface
  • Casino standard parallel interface
  • CCTalk serial interface
  • Efficient use of available machine space
  • Multiple optical sensors and stealth light guide
  • Auto-reverse for jam clearance
  • High and low-level sensing
  • Interchangeable discs for different size coins
  • Fast payout in single or stream mode