-MVU Stackerless


The multi-width bill validator uses patented self-centering transport guides that automatically adjust to, and perfectly align with, bills of different widths even when fed at an angle—ideal for countries with multi width bank notes. The Stackerless verifies bills without housing them into a cassette. Product features include: 96%+ validation rate of on first bill insertion, tool-free service access, and a beltless transport system.



  • cassetteless operation
  • 62 to 78mm width bill validation
  • 1.6 Second Transport cycle
  • validation rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion
  • anti-stringing sensor
  • Smart Stick for fast and easy software updates
  • “clamshell” design for easy access to bill path
  • wide variety of bezels, including metal bezel


pdficon small  MSM without Stacker Datasheet
pdficon small  MSM Manual