-Moneycontrols SR5i



  • Expert system sensor technology
  • High-resolution series resonance coin discrimination
  • Remote download capability
  • Remote factory-quality coinless programming and diagnostics via host machine
  • Encrypted communication protocol
  • ccTalk serial or parallel interface
  • True 16-coin acceptance
  • Customisable bank configuration (CBC) - any permutation via ccTalk serial
  • Two banks of eight coin windows via parallel
  • Teach and Run on all windows
  • Suite of programming tools (PC-based ccProgrammer, ccTeach or ccEuroTeach)
  • Individual coin inhibit
  • 16-coin binary parallel or simple parallel interface
  • MechTool for reconfiguration in situ
  • Integral sorter with manifold (4-way) or active manifold (8-way)
  • Top or front coin-entry
  • Direct (front plate) or indirect reject paths
  • Range of front plates, rundowns and bezels
  • Range of mounting options.



Bill Acceptors

Oval Bezel

The Oval Bezel is made from ruggedised engineering plastics and is an ideal accessory for our versatile, high-performance SR5 series coin acceptors.

This single-coin entry accessory is available in a range of build options, meeting high demand for an aesthetically pleasing product, which uses a soft curved style and illumination.

The Oval Bezel is also an excellent space-saving alternative to less-adaptable products on the market, as its small body enables the bezel to be fitted into confined spaces. Quick and easy to fit, the Oval Bezel offers complete flexibility for positioning, making it suitable for multiple applications.

  • Available in a wide range of solid and translucent materials
  • New soft curved ergonomic design
  • Available with bulb illumination, through standard 5mm bulb holder
Bill Acceptors

Eye Bezel

3 illumination options:

  • Blue LED
  • Red LED
  • Clear bulb

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