Universal Hopper

Mk4 Universal Hopper from Moneycontrols


Universal Hopper max


We believe that the Universal Hopper is the original and still the best, with over
1.25 million units sold worldwide. This best-selling Money Controls product offers
unrivalled performance and reduces operating costs. Furthermore, it has an extended
lifetime. Among the other attributes that make it so popular, is its large capacity
(it can hold up to 1120 Euros, 950 one pound coins, or 1600 US 25 cent coins).
This reduces the number of empty/refill cycles.
Like all Money Controls products, the universal Hopper provides excellent resistance to
fraud and levels of security. Jams are prevented by continuous agitation of the coins in
the hopper and the auto-reverse function.
The Universal Hopper has a long-life with minimal maintenance, thus reducing the
overall cost of ownership.

Truly global - one build-type handles 95% of the worlds coin sets
Large capacity - 1,200 x Euro, 1,600 x 1 pound coins, 2,000 x US 25 cents
Secure payout - up to three coins per second
Continuous agitation of coins to prevent jams
Auto-reverse for jam clearance
Low-level sensing, with option for high or top-level sensing
ccTalk serial interface option with encryption

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